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Vista on netbook

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1 Vista on netbook on Thu May 26, 2011 1:12 am


This is were my point of. Vista sucks on a lot of hardware but not all. For one, I was not able to intsall TinyVista. (Sorry Reaper, don't have an externel DVD/CD player anymore. I would of use a USB but the filing was different so I was not able to install it) I installed the normal Vista Ultimate. OK In the past, I was never able to play Portal on XP or 7 but I can play it with some lag on Vista. It is still very playable, (Best to have Portal Render set to 0 for no lag at all.) For some reason on XP, there was no tecture acceleration or something in the lines of that and 7 had graphical errors in some games. (Weird rain bow in Halo for example.) Even though Halo is still not playale without major lag, there are no Rain bows flotting arround. I really think that the Acer Aspire One D260 is best with Vista. Very fast Internet Browsing compared to 7 and XP and over all. Vista has no flows on the AOD260. This is very interesting since every one knows that Vista sucks on a lot Hardware. I will try TinyVista on my old Desktop. People have installed TinyVista on a machine with 48mb of ram and it ran fine. My Desktop has 376.3 MB of ram so it should work. (Depending on my other hardware it might work.)

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