Augustine: Despondent
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Augustine: Despondent

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Im trying to create my own personal cheats for augvamped?

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Major Grade 3
Major Grade 3
I don't know where to start to making a give player weapon code one that can be used during online play

Can anyone start me off

Shhhh...... don't tell Mexi What a Face
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Here, I'll help you out.

Goto weapons.qc, and goto the function named ImpulseCommands.

Scroll down to my secret cheat, and before it, make this:

   case 200:
      self.weapon_1 = PISTOL;         //Put a pistol in the players first weaponslot
      self.ammo_pistol = PISTOL_MAXCLIP;
      self.exam_pistol = PISTOL_MAXAMMO;   //Give the player some ammo for the pistol
      W_SetWeaponStats(self);      //Update viewmodel and HUD

Just note, that if you aren't hosting, you can't use your own progs.dat. When you connect to a server, you automatically you use their progs.dat.

Contemplating on how to fix problems...

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