Augustine: Despondent
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Augustine: Despondent

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Alright. Why is this in the urban dictionary?

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1 Alright. Why is this in the urban dictionary? on Tue Jul 19, 2011 6:11 am


Mudkip, the Mud Fish Pokémon. Mudkip uses the sensitive radar receptors on its headfin to determine what's going on around it. In a pinch, it can remish enough power to crush rocks.
Mudkip 1:"Mud"

Mudkip 2:"Kip"

Mudkip 1: "Mud"

Mudkip 2: "Kip"

I found this because I was randomly searching things on bing to get bing rewards points.

Shhh, it's Mario.  Don't forget to introduce yourself to our community here and our Discord group here. Very Happy


Lt Colonel Grade 1
Lt Colonel Grade 1
It's one of those things kids say nowadays. Don't pay too much attention to it. Wink

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