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PSP VS. GP2X Caanoo

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1 PSP VS. GP2X Caanoo on Mon Aug 15, 2011 7:11 pm


Brigadier Grade 3
Brigadier Grade 3
Hey, I was wondering, since the PSP Slim can run Quake 3, (at a decent speed) can the GP2X Caanoo handle it, too?

The specs for PSP are:
-64 Megabytes RAM
-333 MHZ (Overcloked)

And the specs for the Caanoo are:
-128 Megabytes RAM
-533 MHZ (Underclocked)

When I play quake on the PSP, on a small map, I get up to 48 fps, sometimes 52.
Yet, the GP2X has NO Quake 3 port (that I'm aware of)
If it were me, I would say it should run at least a little bit faster, but I'm not sure.
What do you think?

2 Re: PSP VS. GP2X Caanoo on Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:08 pm


Well if there isn't a Quake 3 port for a certain system, it doesn't mean it can't run it, it means someone hasn't taken the time to change up the code, optimize it, and make the game run on another platform. Porting a game over takes a significant amount of work, and isn't an overnight thing.

Only time will tell if that platform will get a Quake 3 port.

Contemplating on how to fix problems...

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