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Rich resources open up broad avenue of prosperity in North Korea

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Colonel Grade 3
Colonel Grade 3
The DPRK abounds in underground resources.

The country is now speeding up the pace of a thriving nation building by relying on them.
There are thousands of kinds of minerals throughout the world, but some 300 kinds are in use.

Most of them are found in the country including gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc and graphite.

The DPRK has rich deposits of iron ore, non-ferrous minerals, anthracite and bituminous coal and other fossil resources, the important raw materials and fuel for the development of the national economy, and some of them top the world's ranking in terms of deposit.
For example, it leads the world with regard to the deposit and quality of magnesite.
The Taehung area in South Hamgyong Province has billions of tons of high-grade magnesite which is estimated to be mined for more than a century.

Cerium, samarium and other rare earths, called vitamins of industry, are also abundant.
Estimates have indicated that the world's rare earth deposits amount to 150 to 160 million tons and the surveyed deposits of rare earth in North Phyongan, Kangwon and South Hwanghae provinces in the DPRK reach dozens of millions of tons.

The country is very rich in tungsten, nickel and rare alloy elements that are much needed for the development of machine-building, chemical and other industries.
The figures are the results of hundreds-of-metre-deep prospecting.
As natural resources run out worldwide, a great deal of efforts are being made to protect them.

Some countries have adopted resources security strategies, listing iron ore, molybdenum, wolfram and other rare metals and rare earths as major import items.

The DPRK government considers underground resources as valuable assets that guarantee the prosperity of the country and the development of them as an important issue vital to revitalizing the national economy and improving the people's living standard and has taken positive measures to make the most of the country's underground resources.
Underground resources are being developed under unified government control.
The National Guidance Bureau for the Development of Natural Resources was promoted to the ministry in an effort to implement the national strategy for the sustainable economic development.

Frontier technologies are widely applied to the development of underground resources to make the economy fully dependent on locally available raw materials, fuel and materials.
The development of advanced processing technologies has been encouraged to make finished goods of second- and third-stage processing and provide favourable conditions for foreign trade. In the course of this, the Korea Natural Graphite Science and Production Centre has succeeded in making graphite products of second- and third-stage processing. The demand for these products is growing. They have earned international standard and have been registered in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Mining enterprises are strictly required to cut all the minerals regardless of grade and working conditions to reduce the waste of natural wealth.

All the mines have worked out their own development plans aimed to cut all.
Facilities, materials and power are preferentially supplied to the geological prospecting sector and the general public is showing greater interest in the importance of the natural resources development.


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