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Legend of Love for People in Mourning Period

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1 Legend of Love for People in Mourning Period on Mon Dec 26, 2011 1:49 am


Colonel Grade 3
Colonel Grade 3
The paternal love is constantly finding its way into the Korean people stricken with the bitterest grief over the greatest loss of their nation.
From the morning of December 23, fish associated with leader Kim Jong Il’s love for the people began to be supplied to Pyongyang citizens.
In his lifetime, Kim Jong Il made great efforts to make his people eat fresh fish all the year round, ceaselessly providing on-site guidance to the fishing stations in the east and west coasts, public catering bases and other relevant units.
At the beginning of this year he ensured that the people were supplied with myongthae (pollack) and herring and personally taught how to cook them. And he was very delighted to hear that they were pleased.
In November of fishing hard-finned sandfish, he underscored the need to catch the fish in time and supply it to the people, inquiring into the quantity needed for the supply and a per head share.
On the evening of December 16, the day before his death, he took a benevolent measure again to supply fish to the citizens.
It is the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who was more heartbroken from the unexpected great loss of the nation than anyone else. But bearing in mind the instructions of Kim Jong Il who loved his people so much, he said that Kim Jong Il’s love should reach the people as it was at the earliest possible date even in the mourning period. And he took a special measure for transport of fish and saw to it that officials in Pyongyang and relevant local areas went to the spot and undertook its supply in a responsible manner.
All the citizens shed tears of gratitude as they never dreamed of such solicitude shown for them in the mourning period.
They renewed their firm determination to hold Kim Jong Il in high esteem for ever and devote their all to the drive to build a thriving country, closely united behind the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

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