Augustine: Despondent
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Augustine: Despondent

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Venturing around the internet untill i found this

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Some game i found while going around the internet, Im guessing that the game uses quake 2's engine but i have to admit its a pretty good game for a web browser game ^_^

Here's what im talking about:

A little something else i found:

Im surprised that games like this never get noticed And its a quake mod that dosn't require quake. ._.


haha Nice find. I like this website ^__^

There's others attached to this website too like

Shhh, it's Mario.  Don't forget to introduce yourself to our community here and our Discord group here. Very Happy


Im pretty sure that urban warfare game was made with unity and ported to flash via the new shockwave compiler included in unity

Heres a couple of unity web player games to check out:


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