Augustine: Despondent
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Augustine: Despondent

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So I uh..yeah

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1 So I uh..yeah on Sat Sep 21, 2013 5:44 pm


I wanted to talk about this more...So it's not what I thought it was.  I trully believed it at the time but it isn't that.  Now what I didn't explain is that it has been a very long time since the first time I saw Fluttershy.  Now I've always liked Fluttershy but the day I watched the 2 seasons of MLP: FIM that feeling increased.  What I saw was her life and how she as a character developed.  Now, looking at my own life, it has been very similar before the day that those two assholes decided that our friendship was a lie.  Alex knows what I'm talking about.  Anyway, what you guys don't know is that my true self has been hiding behind a closed door.  After seeing her life I opened that door.  I started returning to my old self again.  I was myself when I was friends with those two people. I was myself before that too.  I'm shy but you guys don't know that.  I may talk to you peeps over the internet but it doesn't mean I'm not close friends with you peeps.  I'd like to visit some of you one day but I'm not sure if that would ever happen.  I'm sure you know who you are  Smile .  My point is that if I didn't see her life being equivalent to mine I probably would have never liked here character as much as I do now.  I try to stray away sometimes but I always return to the full likeness I felt that day I watched those 2 seasons. Now if you think I'm a brony then ok I guess.  I'd watch the show if I was little.  It's way better than Dora the Explorer and her random Spanish words that she doesn't clarify.  I like the way the story is.  I'm not too fond of the singing but it doesn't happen too often and is somewhat entertaining.  I like the comedy part of the show. I love the art design.  (A little more than I should :/  )  I like the characters. I'm not sure why this is.  Maybe it's because I was brought up by my sister and mother.  My dad has worked out of state since I was little.  I enjoyed playing with barbies with my sister.  (Yes I did that)  I love cute things.  My point is that...yes.  I like the show and would watch it if I was little.

This is my favorite episode out of the ones I've seen...

I can't find the full version.

Do not keep your thoughts to your self. Razz I give you permission to judge just in this one topic. Tell me the truth, I wont be mad.

Shhh, it's Mario.  Don't forget to introduce yourself to our community here and our Discord group here. Very Happy

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