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Halo psp online infrastructure

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1Halo psp online infrastructure Empty Halo psp online infrastructure on Sat May 18, 2013 9:42 pm


Brigadier Grade 1
Brigadier Grade 1
this trick should work with halo psp it is a old trick used on kurok psp this is how it is done:
I have copied and paste from kurok forum
Status Trick:
1) Right when you load Kurok, before pressing "start" bring up the console (press select)
2) press square to bring up the text menu and type: status
3) now hit square again
4) hit X
Nothing will happen, now go to the multiplayer menu and punch in the server IP and as soon as you hit X to start connecting open the console (select) press the up arrow one time, then press X.
If done successfully this will bring up and enter your last console command which was "status" and should start loading the map.

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