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Augustine: Despondent

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Someone is making profits off of our mod?

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1Someone is making profits off of our mod? Empty Someone is making profits off of our mod? on Thu Mar 14, 2019 4:51 pm



This is a link to the store page.^

And below is what I posted on wololo

Me wrote:I guess I should start off by introducing myself. I am known as Supermario641996. Well, used to be known as that. Thought I would use my old alias for this. And no, 1996 is not my birth year. That is the year SM64 came out. I have been in the PSP scene since gosh, maybe 2008 or earlier? Guess I never made a wololo account. If I did, I may of used one of my newer alias's. I am currently known as Super Mewio. A nickname given to me by DEWM. One of our moderators at the Augustine forums.

I am an old admin that was left to watch a dead forum, that forum being where Revamped PSP was created. Mexicouger may have been the creator of Revamped PSP but I have been behind the scenes for a long time. Originally joining the fight in 2010 via his YouTube channel. Man, the stories I could tell about this old mod.

The problems I am currently having is that someone brought this to my attention recently and I have no idea what to do about it, contacting Mexicouger is always next to impossible. ... escription

The above link goes to a product on that website. This product being Revamped ported to the Dreamcast. They sold 67 copies already for $19.99. And yes, Revamped was ported to the Dreamcast. Original port was from our good old friend, f34rther34per. This was a free port but the download is no longer available. I do believe he said he might still have a copy of it so I hope some day to get that back out there. ;p

Mexicouger tends to drop off the face of the planet for years then say he's coming back then doesn't. And yes that has happened multiple times making me have to keep up with the forum. Unfortunately, I had gave up on that in I think it was like 2016? 4 years after Mexi disappeared not telling anyone what happened with Augustine. He eventually told me what happened years later. I am not sure what he has been busy with as he has been doing the same thing with his current YouTube channel, TCPixel. If or when I get in contact with him, I will have this post linked to him so he can see it. I hope this isn't to much of a bother to you, Mexi. You do not know how upsetting it is being left behind but this is not the focus of this post. I do wish well of you, being our lord and savior of Revamped and Augustine. It was a great experience I will never forget even with the end being so dramatic for me. You do not understand how much care I have put into your work. Thank you, Mexi.

My question to you all is, how do I approach this? I am pretty sure Mexicouger never made a license file or anything for this. Being a Forum admin, I do not understand how this stuff works. I was never part of the developing experience for this other than ideas that were implemented and helping find bugs. I was a moderator and then an admin for the Forum. Any help will be appreciative.

Someone is making profits off of our mod? DSomeone is making profits off of our mod? C7Someone is making profits off of our mod? D
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