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Augustine: Despondent

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How to incorporate Xbox 360 controller with Augustine!

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Yo - Kyo

Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer
Yes! Tut on Using Controllers Smile ,
Making a Video Tut

First install your Controllers' driver, if it's USB it should come with it, if it's Wireless you'll need a Reciever, or an adapter.

  • Now! what you'd want to do is download Augustine
  • Then Extract it to your desktop.
  • After, Go to Download Pinnacle Profiler , it's a 30-day trial.
  • Bookmark this page.
  • install Pinnacle and restart your CPU.
  • Now that your back Smile Open Pinnacle
  • Create a Custom game profile , thats your Controller Settings Smile setup how you want it but make sure you set the left Stick to WASD and the Right to Mouse Very Happy

  • Save It, Click "Play" in Pinnacle.

  • You should now be able to use your Right stick to move the Mouse

  • Run Augustine , The EXE for now
  • Press Down on DPAD, Then press START Twice and setup your Control Settings to Your Controller
  • Once done press Esc until you see Multiplayer,Options, and all that stuff then close out the EXE
  • Go back to the Augustine Folder, and Select THe Firt Multiplayer BAT File, Specifically "Revamped_Multiplayer.bat"
  • Play Through and respond to this thread! What a Face
I Can Post a Video Tut for you guys if needed Surprised

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