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Funniest Domain Names!

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1 Funniest Domain Names! on Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:00 pm


Brigadier Grade 3
Brigadier Grade 3
Hi, I was doing some searching, and came across some hilarious URL's. More than 90% of them are read differently than they hoped. Enjoy!

Amigonefuneralhome.c0m - Funeral Home

Childrenslaughter.c0m - Site for Children

Firstbaptistcumming.0rg - Baptist/Religion

Masterbaitonline.c0m - Fishing Supplies

Actionpaintballsac.c0m - Paintball Equipment

Pedo.0rg - Dental School

Mp3shits.c0m - Download Music

Powergenitalia.c0m - Some Italian Site

Bendover.c0m - Ben Dover's Official Site - Book Shop - Fake Swiss Merchandise Shop

Childsexpress.c0m - Middle School Press - Travel Site of Some Sort

Dollarsexchange.c0m - Currency Trading

Ferrethandjobs.c0m - Ferreth and Jobs

Soill.0rg - Special Olympics - Buy Custom Made Pens.

2 Re: Funniest Domain Names! on Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:30 pm


Brigadier Grade 1
Brigadier Grade 1
Jas Pm me concerning the eboot i need some things done my friend send me the eboot source so i can modify it

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